Grito de Conciencia Event Review

“Grito de Conciencia is an event that is always organized with great emotion, because it brings together many local artists and entrepreneurs who have the same vision..."

When it comes to creativity and music, Puerto Ricans are at the top of the list. They are always looking for a fun way to convey a message and to show all the talent they carry.  The many people who are passionate about making a positive change created Grito de Conciencia Fest.

Since 2019, multiple artists from various disciplines have gathered in an event that says ART everywhere. This gathering provides space to showcase talent, but its main objective is to call out to Puerto Rican citizens to become aware of situations on the Island. This year Grito de Conciencia was celebrated a little differently because everyone from the presenter to the DJ and the artists were women.

Last year’s Grito de Conciencia Fest took place from October 13 to 16 at its birthplace: El Nido. El Nido is a concept store and restaurant that stands out for its fashion, art, and bar. It serves local beers and original beverages made by its talented team of bartenders. It offers a delicious menu to accompany the drinks and, in the store space, exhibits pieces from different local brands.

The stage was sheltered by the last station of the Tren Urbano in Bayamón. The festival, directed by Ana Castillo, showcased women artists who use their music to carry a message. 

“Grito de Conciencia is an event that is always organized with great emotion, because it brings together many local artists and entrepreneurs who have the same vision... all in one space,” expressed Gabriela Soto Ortiz, one of the bartenders at El Nido. “This year, we had the participation of super incredible women who work for change every day. From Ana Castillo with her educational platform, Ana Macho being a trans woman, and Cita and Rainao being part of a musical genre dominated by men.”

She continues, “Also, for me, it is super important to be one of the few female bartenders working in El Nido right now and to have been able to be part of this activity … in addition, it is always good to create events that attract many people to visit El Nido for the first time and to get involved in more cultural activities.”

The party began on Thursday with a performance by Ana Macho, continued by Chamir Bonano on Friday, and Cita on Saturday. Multiple local brands also came together selling various items, from t-shirts, jewelry, and paintings to natural juices and board games. Many people gathered every day to enjoy this event full of diversity and a lot of artistic expression.

The creative atmosphere, food, and music ended on Sunday with a performance by Rainao, a popular urban artist. As in the past days, the crowd enjoyed every minute of her performance, and positive energy filled every corner.

Throughout the year, El Nido organizes cultural activities such as Mercado El Chicharrón, ImproActores nights every Tuesday, and Por La Vía, presentations of Bomba and Plena. Follow their Instagram for upcoming events!

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