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Healthcare Insurance in Puerto Rico: Detailed Guide [2023 Edition]

Concerned about your health in Puerto Rico? Dive into our comprehensive 2023 guide on healthcare insurance and discover the best options to keep yourself covered!

H1: Healthcare Insurance in Puerto Rico: Everything You Need To Know

Puerto Rican healthcare is actually quite similar to what you’d expect anywhere in the US. Of course, there are differences depending on what health insurance plan you’re on. In this article, we’ll give you a short overview of how healthcare works in Puerto Rico.

How To Get Healthcare Insurance In Puerto Rico

There are 2 ways in which you can cover yourself medically through an insurance company. Option 1 is to sign up with a local Puerto Rican insurance provider, and option 2 is to buy international coverage. Both have their pros and cons.

Local health insurance companies in Puerto Rico include Triple S, and Humana. Triple S is the largest and most popular health insurance company. The great thing about Triple S is that they are widely accepted throughout the island and their plans include dental, which is a plus. Normally most insurance companies in other parts of the US don’t cover dental expenses, so this is quite unique to Puerto Rico.

Cost of Healthcare In Puerto Rico

In general, local insurance companies in Puerto Rico are more affordable than other parts of the US, and there’s very little they don’t cover. What is even more impressive is that compared to what many experience in the mainland, Puerto Rican insurance companies won’t really investigate too much about your pre-existing health conditions before bringing you on board.

One thing you’ll need to be concerned about is the long wait times at most doctors’ clinics – it is not uncommon to wait for over an hour after you check in, and longer at an emergency room – but once you meet the doctor, you should get good service. Make sure to bring cash for any ‘co-pay’, in case the office doesn’t take credit cards. Many doctors are bilingual, but it is helpful to keep your translator app handy.

Healthcare Alternatives In Puerto Rico

The second option is for you to buy an international health insurance plan that covers you in Puerto Rico. The disadvantage here is that not everyone will accept them, since such insurance providers have their own network of medical service providers.

Other international healthcare insurance providers include Cigna Global and Aetna. Cigna global has over 86 million customers in over 200 countries and has a lot of experience in dealing with varied and unique medical situations. Aetna on the other hand has a vast network of over 1.3 million providers worldwide. And of course, the official US Govt. Healthcare Plan Finder is a good place to check. So you have a lot of options to choose from!

Whether you decide to go with a local health insurance provider, or an international one, the choice is yours to make. If you’re going with the international option, we recommend that you have a look at their affiliated doctors so you know about the quality of treatment you can expect and who you’d be seeing for medical services.

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