Yauco Roadtrip: From Caguas to Yauco

There’s a lot to see on this small but diverse island, check out road trips that will take you to some of the best sites in Puerto Rico.

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This is a fun route starting from Caguas and heading over the mountains to the southern side of the island. It is about 2 hours of driving non-stop one way, so plan your time accordingly! As you pass over the peak you’ll see the Caribbean sea glittering like a jewel. The terrain and climate are dramatically different on the southern side of Puerto Rico. You’ll move from lush jungle terrain to a more dry arid climate. Grassland and even cacti greet you on this side of the island. 

At the bottom of the mountains veer to the left towards the ocean to the seaside town of Salinas. Casa de los Caracoles, a local wonder, is reported to be closed but you can still see much of the shell covered house from the street. Amazingly time consuming to cover an entire house and surrounding fence with shells to create this beautiful art piece.

Take some time to drive around Salinas, you’ll see some interesting architecture, some of which is reminiscent of Swiss chalets with a colorful Puerto Rican twist. There are numerous seafood spots in Salinas, if you are hungry grab a bite!

Head to Ponce for your next stop. Visit Plaza las Delicias where there are numerous shops and places for a bite to eat if you haven’t already. Parque de Bombas is the oldest fire station in Puerto Rico and instantly recognizable for its black and red striped building. Founded in 1882 as a fire house, it is now a museum. Wander around and explore the area, the central fountain, the church and numerous small museums in the area are worth visiting. You could spend a large part of your day here. Enjoy an ice cream from popular King’s Cream, before you head back on the road.

Yaucromatic2 is a fun stop in the south and your end destination for this roadtrip! The art installation was completed to increase tourism in the region. It is recommended that you park by the town plaza and walk to see the town and numerous murals in the area. Often there are vendors at the bottom of the stairs to the Yaucromatic community and sometimes there is live music! Grab a piña colada and head up the stairs as far as you can go for an awesome view of Yauco. Along the way observe the colorful stairs, homes and murals. 

Visit the website and check out their map for locations of all the murals and information about the artists that created them! http://www.yaucromatic.com/ Allow yourself ample time to explore.

Before you hit the road stop at Cafe Don Luis, a pet-friendly coffee shop, for a break and a pick-me-up! They close at 5:00 PM every day except on Sundays they close at 3:00. The coffee is locally grown and cultivated in Yauco so you can also purchase some to take home.

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There’s a lot to see on this small but diverse island, check out road trips that will take you to some of the best sites in Puerto Rico.
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