33rd. Beer Marathon

12:00 pm
Saturday, January 13, 2024

The most awaited event at the beginning of the year, the traditional Beer Marathon. If you have not lived the experience, come and join us to feel the traditional Christmas spirit of our land on the first Saturday of January (other than January 1, 5 or 6), starting at 12:00 p.m. leaving from the Cantina Tunilos in the town of Naguabo.As part of the agreements between our organizing committee and the Puerto Rico Police, it was established that NO PEOPLE WILL BE ALLOWED IN MOTOR VEHICLES FOLLOWING THE MARATHON. This includes motorcycles, golf carts, vans, etc.Remember that driving while intoxicated (4 beers) or consuming alcohol in vehicles is prohibited by law. Let's keep the tradition and have a great time and avoid bad times and unnecessary ticket expenses. Thank you because we trust that we will do it as it should be.**Coolers with horns are prohibited in the Beer Marathon area, let's keep the tradition of our music.Marathon Runner's Guidelines:1. The Marathon is... ON FOOT!2. Buy at least 1 beer at each business3. Walk without obstructing traffic4. Maintain the Christmas spirit 5. We are environmentalists - throw cans and bottles into the Zafacon.6. The Flag is your guide - follow it7. Know your limit - Moderation!8. Under 18 years old DO NOT drink9. Respect public and private property - it is OUR town.

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