43er Festival del Jíbaro Comerieño

9:00 am
Friday, June 9, 2023

The Comerieño Jíbaro Festival is a cultural event that has brought together all members of our society, including the diaspora, for the past 43 years. This year, it will be celebrated from June 9 to June 11, 2023, at Plaza de la Trova in Comerío.

The festival will feature craft fairs, artisan workshops, troubadour contests, and a delicious taste of typical dishes, among many other activities.

Friday, June 9

• 09:00 AM – Puerto Rican Crafts Fair• 11:00 AM – Troubadour Héctor Velázquez• 04:00 PM – Rumbón at the Plaza• 06:00 PM – Comerío School of Fine Arts• 07:30 PM – Dedication to Doña Luz M. Ortiz Berrios• 08:00 PM – Cultura Fina• 10:30 PM – Salsa Pal Bailador with Sabor Añejo

Saturday, June 10

• 09:00 AM – Crafts Fair• 10:00 AM – Artisan Workshops for Children• 12:00 PM – The Children Troubadours Sing to Comerío• 01:00 PM – Troubadour Registration• 02:00 PM – National Troubadour Contest Elimination Round• 04:00 PM – Typical Criollo Workshop• 06:30 PM – Jibaro Mass: Parish Temple• 08:00 PM – Dedication to William Pérez Vega• 10:00 PM – Manolito Rodriguez and his Orchestra

Sunday, June 11

• 09:00 AM – Crafts Fair Continues• 10:00 AM – Mass/Religious Services• 12:30 PM – Roberto René and his Ensemble• 03:00 PM – Final of the National Troubadour Contest• 04:30 PM – Toño Reyes Award• 06:30 PM – Grand Finale with the King's Orchestra

This is a free event.

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