Forum: Our strings

10:00 am
Saturday, February 10, 2024

Forum: As part of the exhibition, our strings invite two days of dialogue and discussion about the past, present and future of Puerto Rican string instruments. This symposium is aimed at musicians, lutieres, educators, music students, lovers of Puerto Rican culture, and anyone interested in exploring the rich tradition and innovation in the strings instruments of Puerto Rico. The topics addressed include the historical development of instruments, educational models, the relationship between crafts and education, as well as the integration of technology into traditional music.

Saturday 10 from ICP headquarters

10:00 am Development of the four and the instruments of Puerto Rican strings, moderator: Orlando LaureanoGuests: Raymond Vazquez LamboyNeftalí Ortiz (to confirm)

11:30 amConversation: Pedagogy and education methods of four, moderator: Rubén AmadorGuests: Francisco “Paco” Marrero - Fund. Dr. Francisco López CruzJorge Camacho - Rondalla de Humacao (to confirm)Carlos Hernandez - Praa Chicago (to confirm)Orlando Laureano - CMPRIrving Santiago - UPRLuis Sanz - Inter (to confirm)

2:00 pmTalk: strings instruments and Afro -descendence. Presenter: Errol Montes

Sunday 11 of ICP headquarters:

10:00 am Panel: good wood. Moderator: Lucía NievesGuests: René Delgado, Workshop Director School of Design and Functional ArtLeonardo Olazagasti, LutierGerardo Hernández, Lutier

11:30 am Panel: The string instrument manufacturing industry in PR. Moderator: Javier HernándezGuests: Jesiel Martínez Galarza, LutierAurelio Cruz (to confirm)

2:00 pm Demonstration: four and technologyArtists: Manny Trinidad and José Eduardo Santana

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