Henry Cole Live at C-Note Jazz Club

7:00 pm
Friday, June 16, 2023

“In seven-plus decades of listening to jazz and great music — knowing Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Billy Higgins, Louis Bellson, Alex Acuna, Joe LaBarbera, Roy McCurdy and other world class percussionists— I can attest to the singular fact that Henry Cole is among those elite magicians. The unrivaled complexity of his multi-layered rhythmic drive is astonishing in its intricacy, allure and stunning percussive coherence. ” — — Jim Merod (BluePort Jazz & Soka University)

A Grammy award winner, Multi-time Grammy nominee, master drummer and skilled arranger. He draws inspiration from a long line of highly skilled Boricua Pioneers who performed in local, military and jazz bands. His sonic roots – African, Indigenous and European – have been brewing for years and have come together to create a unique, mestizo sound.

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