IWA La Gran Amenza III

8:00 pm
Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Mega Event of Professional Wrestling, IWA La Gran Amenaza III, comes to Humacao, with all your favorite Mega Stars and Champions, who will fill the fans with excitement and nostalgia with their amazing appearances, in a night for the family, where they can enjoy unforgettable moments.

In action will be the World Champion MY MAN! John Hawking, Leon Apolo, Manny Ferno, Savio Vega, Veneno de la Cobra Romeo, Mr. Big, El Niche, the World Champion MY MAN! Big, El Niche, IWAPR Champion Khriz Diaz, Spectro, Vassago, Intercontinental Champion Azazel, Los Super Classics, Drunken Xpress, Nathalya Perez, Doom Patrol, Atleta Manu, La Supremacia del Pancracio, Ray Fonseca, Jordy, Fernando Tonos, and World Tag Team Champions Jay Blake and Nick Mercer.

We will also have a Meet and Greet with the Legendary Invader 1, and other Mega Stars in action.

In addition, the imminent arrival of The Greatest Threat III

Event on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at 8:00PM (Puerto Rico time) Live from the Historic and Legendary Emilio E. Huyke Coliseum in Humacao.

PRICE PER PERSON (Not including IVU, nor C.S.):

Ring Side: $23.90

General: $14.93

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