Los Rivera Destination: Philharmonic

8:00 pm
Saturday, July 27, 2024


On Saturday, July 27 at 8:00 p.m. The Santurce Fine Arts Center will be the space for a unique event in the Puerto Rican music scene: the show “Los Rivera Destino Filarmónico.” This special performance will unite the popular group Los Rivera Destino with the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra in a collaboration that promises to be both innovative and memorable.

Organized by the Fine Arts Center and the Arturo Somohano Foundation and produced by Rafo Muñiz for PROLAT Entertainment, “Los Rivera Destino Filarmónico” will be a unique musical experience that fuses the distinctive humor, musical style and satirical perreo of Los Rivera Destino with the majesty of the arrangements and sound of the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra. This unprecedented combination will stand out both for its artistic proposal and for the vast repertoire of classics by Los Rivera Destino and other great composers of the time for a gala night.

«We are very happy and grateful for this great opportunity to share the stage with the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra. It is a dream come true and an opportunity to show the richness of our music in a completely new format. We have developed many ideas to make the show unforgettable and we know that people are going to have a great time, just like us. “We are super excited about this presentation,” expressed Los Rivera Destino.

Thus, the Los Rivera Destino trio, recognized for their ability to mix humor, music and elements of Puerto Rican culture, have earned a wide base of followers thanks to their innovative style. The integration with the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra in this show reflects an effort to explore new forms of musical expression and connect with a diverse audience.

The Arturo Somohano Foundation, organizer of the event, has highlighted the importance of this presentation as part of its mission to promote culture and music on the island. This collaboration not only seeks to offer high-quality entertainment, but also to highlight the versatility and talent of local artists. “Los Rivera Destino Filarmónico” is not just a concert; It is an example of how different musical genres can converge to create something completely new.

Los Rivera Destino Filarmónico on Saturday, July 27 at 8:00 p.m. at the Santurce Fine Arts Center is a production by Rafo Muñiz for PROLAT Entertainment and tickets are now available through tcpr.com and the Santurce Fine Arts Center box office.

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