Vuelo de Mariposas

10:00 am
Sunday, December 10, 2023

Step into the enchanting world of "Flight of Butterflies" by And There Was No Light and let your imagination take flight!

This exhibition isn't just your ordinary art display – it's a celebration of creativity that's as lively as a forest of giant butterflies.

Dive into the puppet-making workshop, where your hands will bring whimsical creatures to life. Immerse yourself in the creative reading space, a haven for book lovers seeking inspiration.

And don't miss out on the captivating short films from the talented Y No Hay Luz – a cinematic journey that'll leave you wanting more.

"Flight of Butterflies" isn't just about observing; it's an invitation to reflect on transformation and unleash your inner creative spirit.

The fusion of vivid images with a nature-inspired sound environment creates a unique sensory experience, allowing you to connect with yourself and savor the magic of the present moment.

Best part? Entry is completely FREE...

See you there!

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