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Best Beers and Breweries in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a range of delicious and unique beers worth exploring, check out our list of the best beers and breweries on the island.

Whether you’re an avid beer enthusiast or just want to taste an aspect of the island’s culture, Puerto Rico has a range of delicious and unique beers worth exploring. In recent years, Puerto Rico has experienced a boom in craft breweries. We’ve compiled a list of the island’s best breweries with suggestions of the ideal beers to try at each one. From fruity flavors to beers made to combat food waste, Puerto Rico has it all.

Medalla Light, Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

When considering Puerto Rican beers, Medalla Light is the obvious choice. Dating back to 1980, this lager is the island’s first light beer.  Brewed by Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico, this light lager deserves its popularity due to its refreshing, aromatic flavor. “Medalla” translates to medal in Spanish, which is reflected in the beer’s golden color. No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without trying one of these iconic beers.

Ocean Lab Brewing Co., Isla Verde

Some of the highlights of Ocean Lab are the brewery’s cask/real ales which means that the beer has been re-fermented. Many of Ocean Lab’s beers are infused with tropical fruits, from grapefruit to blood orange, which add a unique Caribbean flair. Every beer has been planned with the island in mind such as Sunset Amber, which uses roasted and caramel malts to honor the breathtaking coastal views at Isla Verde. 

Old Harbor Brewery, Carolina

Originating from Old San Juan, Old Harbor was the first craft microbrewery in Puerto Rico. Old Harbor produces a range of drinks including lagers, IPAs, pale and golden ales. Like Ocean Lab, Old Harbor honors its place of origin with beers named after Puerto Rico’s sites such as El Yunque National Forest. One of Old Harbor’s most highly-regarded brews is the Coqui, a light German lager that is the perfect refreshing antidote for the humid climate.

Santurce Brewery, San Juan

New to the scene in San Juan, this nano-brewery is worth adding to your list. The Santurce Brewery offers two specialized drinks: a Santurce Pilsner and West Coast IPA. The latter is inspired by the Czech Pilsner and offers a fresh taste perfect for the beach. Check out their website to hear the creators Adrián and Juan explain their thought processes when creating their delicious recipes. 

Boxlab Brewing Company, Aguadilla

Boxlab is a craft brewery located in Aguadilla. Like others, Boxlab boasts a range of fruity beers such as the pineapple-infused Piñaza. If you’re looking to try unique beers, then the Cocotero is for you which is a stout made with toasted coconut milk - referred to as a “Stout for the Tropics”. Boxlab is always experimenting with new flavors such as introducing El Farolito IPA and The New Wave mango lager to celebrate National IPA Day.

Del Oeste Brewery, Mayagüez

Although it is younger than some other microbreweries, Del Oeste deserves its place in Puerto Rico’s craft beer scene. Del Oeste primarily specializes in American, Belgian and German beers. The brewery has even collaborated with Puerto Rican rapper Residente (René Pérez) to create the Residente Maibock and Residente Tripel.

R.E.B.L Brewery, Utuado

This radical nanobrewery offers a range of unique flavors such as the REBLución which uses locally-sourced coffee grains and cocoa nibs. An even more unique beer is the Hogaza which is made with leftover bread to combat food waste. The leftover bread is toasted and combined with barley grains to create this delicious beer. Also, they love to collaborate with other breweries such as the Fusion pale ale which was made with Cerveza Cerros de Chena from San Bernardo in Santiago, Chile.

Señorial Brewing Co., Ponce

Established in 2013, this nanobrewery produces an abundance of delicious beers such as the El Polvorín which is made from grains smoked with beech wood. Alternatively, the León Mayor is a Belgian Tripel with an alluringly sweet taste due to the addition of local honey.

Zurc Bräuhaus, Coamo

This nanobrewery was founded by Juan Carlos Rivera Cruz, a Chemical Engineering Graduate which is reflected in the techniques used by the brewery itself. Specializing in German-style beers, one of their most highly-rated is the Zurcator which is a German Strong Dark Lager known as “liquid bread”.

Dragon Stone Abbey Brewery, Río Grande

Although it is situated in Puerto Rico, this microbrewery is inspired by Belgian beer. One of their intriguing beers is the Hop Drifter which is an Indian Pale Lager that combines three different hops in every batch - no batch is exactly the same so it is worth a try to delve into its unique flavor. Another highlight is their 7 Monks Belgian Dubbel which combines seven different malts to create an amalgamation of caramel, toffee, prune, stone fruit and smoky flavors.

Boquerón Brewing Co., Cabo Rojo

As a family-run small batch brewery, Boquerón Brewing Co. names many of its beers after local sites such as Montones West Side IPA and El Morro Imperial Porte. Likewise, the company’s logo honors Los Morrillos Lighthouse, a historic element of the island. The brewery recommends specific beers for local cuisine such as treating yourself to a Boquerón Blonde Ale when tucking into Puerto Rican seafood. One of their most highly-rated beers is El Tinglar Porter which combines coffee, chocolate, nuts and a hint of cinnamon for a flavourful punch.

The Aviator’s Brewery, San Lorenzo

This aeronautical-themed brewery owes its theme to its founder Charles Peterson who was a pilot. Try the Vejigante stout which is made with coconut, organic cocoa and organic cocoa sugar or if you are craving red ale then Gallo Pinto is for you.

Get the full experience at some of the best local bars

If you want bottles or cans of these beers to go, head to Puerto Rican supermarket chains such as Econo, Amigo or Supermax. However, these beers can also be experienced in the island’s plethora of bars. Here are some of the best bars to check out to experience Puerto Rican beer:

  • La Taberna Lúpulo 
  • La Taberna Boricua, Hato Rey
  • El Tap, Santurce
  • Dylan’s Biergarden, Hatillo
  • Al Lado, Arecibo
  • Rincon Beer Co., Rincon
  • Rock & Go, Cabo Rojo
  • El Grifo, Caguas
  • Birriola, Ponce
  • Palmas Station Texaco, Cataño 
  • Caribbean Trading Company, El Yunque Rainforest 
  • FOK Brewing Co, Caguas
  • Cold Blood Brewery, Quebradillas
  • Beer Box, Aguadilla

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