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Celebrating Easter in Puerto Rico (2024)

Every country has their traditions on special days, and Puerto Rico is no exception. There are many activities to do on Easter or even the full Holy Week.

Easter Traditions in Puerto Rico

The week of Easter is one of the best days to visit Puerto Rico. On this day, there are a couple of traditional activities for anyone to try if they’re on the island. Holy Week (or "Semana Santa" in Spanish) is one of the most important days in this country, and religious or not, everyone participates in these activities in one way or another. 

Holy Week or Semana Santa starts with Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, a week with different activities and traditions. This week is the perfect time for family gatherings, since most workers are on vacation. That also makes this time of the year one of the most popular times to go off traveling. 

In Puerto Rico, most restaurants and major will be closed due to Good Friday— it's one of the biggest holiday— so visitors should plan before this day to go out. 

Family Feast during Holy Week

There’s nothing Puerto Ricans love more than reuniting and spending quality time with their families. And having traditional meals with their famous dishes like rice with beans (arroz con habichuelas) plus Spanish-style codfish (bacalao a la vizcaína). With sweet desserts like flan de coco and any other pastries.

Crucifixión Parades on Viernes Santo (Good Friday)

This is a religious activity in which the seven churches of San Juan have a parade (on Good Friday) that stops in each church while worshiping with songs in the name of Jesus Christ. The streets of Old San Juan will be closed during the good Friday parade, so get ready to walk the cobbled streets and plan your transportation accordingly.

Beach Day with Family

Puerto Ricans love spending time at the beach. This particular week starts beach season. Beaches are full of people celebrating Easter & the Holy Week with beach picnics and more. Since most of the businesses would be closed due to the easter holiday, buying all the items needed beforehand is crucial. Most people go in groups, accompanied by music, sports, a beach cooler, beach chairs and umbrellas to have an enjoyable time. 

Finding Easter Eggs 

Of course you can’t forget this activity for kids at their schools or between neighbors; adults hide eggs with surprises inside and the kids find them in the garden or outside class. A fun time for kids and folks of all ages.

Midnight mass on Saturday night

One of the most popular traditions is to celebrate easter in PR by going to the Saturday midnight mass with your family. It's a unique time to pray together and prepare to celebrate Jesus Christ resurrection.

Easter Sunday Mass (Domingo de la Resurrección)

Easter sunday morning in PR is all about the Sunday Mass.

Easter Sunday Mass in Puerto Rico is a dynamic and beautiful occasion marked by music, prayer, and celebration. Following the seriousness of Good Friday, Easter Sunday signifies the triumph of life over death, and is marked by fresh hope and gladness.

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