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Best Rooftop Bars and Restaurants in San Juan

Puerto Rico has amazing weather and views, what better way to enjoy them than at a glamorous rooftop location? Check out our list of Rooftop bars and restaurants in PR.

Buckle up, folks! We're about to embark on an exciting journey to discover the best rooftops bars and restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just picture this: you're chilling on a rooftop, sipping a tropical cocktail while the sun sets, painting the Caribbean sky in a riot of colors.

Yeah, now that we have your attention…

San Juan isn't just about sun-soaked beaches and charming old streets. Nope! There's a whole different world up on the city's rooftops. This is where delicious cuisine meets stunning views, and every evening feels like a scene out of a rom-com. Talk about #RooftopGoals!

From dinner under the stars with your better half to evening shenanigans with your pals, we've got you covered. Each rooftop joint boasts its own flavor, making every visit a unique memory. And the weather? It's like a cherry on top, providing the perfect backdrop for every insta-worthy moment.

So, join us as we hit the high spots of San Juan. It's going to be a ride full of breathtaking views, good food, and unforgettable experiences.

Let the rooftop hopping begin!

The Cannon Club - Restaurant & Steinway Piano Bar

Ready for a culinary adventure? Say hello to the Cannon Club in San Juan. This rooftop hotspot is famous for its signature cocktails and an impressive tapas menu that will whisk your taste buds straight to Spain. And if you're thinking of dinner, their chef has got you covered with dishes packed full of Spanish flavors.

Set amidst a lush garden, the Cannon Club offers a romantic dining experience like no other. It's like a little urban oasis where delicious food meets nature.

To make your evening even more delightful, the Cannon Club hosts live classical jazz and instrumental music daily. If you're a fan of live music in PR, for an extra $20, you can enjoy your meal in the piano room and be up close to the performance. But don't worry, if you're just there to enjoy the vibe and try one of their fabulous cocktails, there's no cover charge to enter the club.

So, whether you're looking to impress your date (even on a budget!) or catch up with friends, the Cannon Club is a solid choice. With its delicious cuisine, enchanting atmosphere, and lively music, it's truly one of the best rooftops in San Juan. And we're sure you'll agree once you've visited!



Work Hours

  • Open Sundays and Mondays, 5pm to 11pm
  • Tuesday through Thursday, 5pm until 11:30pm
  • Friday and Saturdays, 5pm until 12am


The Cannon Club


Restaurant reservations

Or call (347) 474-7833

Eter Rooftop & Lounge

Perched high above the city, Eter Rooftop and Lounge is a must-visit destination for rooftop enthusiasts in San Juan. Why, you ask? Well, it's not every day that you find a place offering a full-circle view of the vibrant city and breath-taking sunsets that will have you reaching for your camera. And that’s just the beginning!

The menu at Eter is quite a catch, and we mean that literally! With a dinner menu that leans towards the treasures of the sea, seafood lovers will find themselves in a culinary paradise. But that's not all - their brunch and tapas offerings are equally drool-worthy and pair perfectly with their spectacular cocktails.

Speaking of drinks, Eter doesn't play favorites. Whether you're a wine connoisseur, a Puerto Rican craft beer aficionado, a cocktail enthusiast or prefer your drinks sans alcohol, they've got something to tickle your fancy. Yes, you read that right, they have an entire mocktail menu, just to ensure everyone gets to toast to the good times.

So, whether you're planning a boozy brunch, a romantic dinner, or just want to enjoy the best rooftop view in San Juan, Eter Rooftop and Lounge should be at the top of your list.



Work Hours

  • 11am to 11pm on Sunday through Thursday
  • 11am to 12am on Friday and Saturday





Sunset Rooftop

Looking to catch a spectacular sunset and enjoy ocean views? Then head straight to Sunset Rooftop at The Wave Hotel. Nestled near the enchanting Condado Lagoon, this place lives up to its name by offering stunning sunset vistas that could compete with a postcard.

But what's a breathtaking view without some delightful refreshments? Sunset Rooftop has got you covered with happy hour specials that'll keep the good times flowing. You'll find yourself raising a toast to the horizon as the sun takes a dip in the ocean.

And if you think the night ends with the sunset, think again! With karaoke and live music on offer, the fun only begins when the day ends. You can sing your heart out or sway to the rhythm - the choice is yours.

To stay updated with all the cool events they have lined up, make sure to check out their Facebook page.

All in all, Sunset Rooftop is not just one of the best rooftops in San Juan; it's an experience that combines nature's splendor with urban fun. So whether you're a local or a traveler, make sure this hotspot is on your must-visit list!

Work Hours

  • Open Tuesday through Thursday 5pm to 12am
  • Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 2am
  • Sundays 12pm to 12am

Find Sunset Rooftop Here


Sunset Rooftop

Bar Catedral Rooftop | Old San Juan

Got a penchant for sunsets, good food, and historic locations? Then the Bar Catedral Rooftop at the Decanter Hotel should be your next stop. Nestled in the heart of Old San Juan, this rooftop bar offers a front-row seat to panoramic sunset views that are nothing short of mesmerizing.

More than just a bar, this place is a rendezvous point for friends to unwind and enjoy a great evening together. Whether you're a fan of artisanal cocktails, savory tapas, or a full-course dinner, the Bar Catedral has got you covered. And let's not forget the vegetarians and vegans out there, they've got a dedicated vegan menu just for you.

The real showstopper here is their ingenious tapas menu. Crafted by none other than James Beard Award-nominee Maria Grubb, each dish is a culinary masterpiece that's sure to leave you craving more.

So if you're after a tranquil evening with friends, scrumptious food, and breathtaking views, look no further than the Bar Catedral Rooftop at the Decanter Hotel. It’s a gem in the crown of the best rooftops in San Juan, offering an experience that blends traditional charm with modern hospitality. It's a place where every evening promises good times and great memories.

Work Hours

  • Open Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm
  • Sunday from 4pm to 10pm

Find Bar Catedral Rooftop Here


Bar Catedral Rooftop


Reservations recommended but not required: 939-588-4694

ARYA Rooftop

If you're looking for an elevated experience in Condado, Arya Rooftop is the place to be. Perched atop the OLV towers, this bar and restaurant not only serves up exceptional food and drinks but also some truly exceptional views of the Condado Lagoon and city skyline.

Although the rooftop pool and jacuzzi are exclusive to hotel guests, the bar and restaurant are open to all. Whether you're an early bird looking for a breakfast spot, a brunch lover, or someone searching for a relaxed lunch venue, Arya has got you covered plus you can enjoy your meal either indoors or outdoors - just remember to make a reservation.

The real talking point of Arya Rooftop, though, is their unique DJ booth. A vintage '77 Rolls Royce has been repurposed into a DJ booth, adding a cool, retro vibe to the place. It's not every day you see a classic luxury car spinning tunes!

One visit and you'll understand why it's the talk of the town!



Work Hours

  • Open Monday 8am to 9pm
  • Tuesday through Friday 8am until 11pm
  • Saturday 8am to 11pm
  • Sunday 8am to 9pm

Find ARYA Rooftop Here


ARYA Rooftop


For reservations call (787) 705-9409

Casita Miramar

Craving an exceptional dining experience that's a little closer to nature? Then your next destination should be the rooftop garden terrace at Casita Miramar. With its tranquil and lush ambiance, it's an oasis amidst the bustling cityscape.

What sets Casita Miramar apart isn't just the garden setting, but also its culinary philosophy. The chef here whips up authentic Puerto Rican dishes using predominantly local ingredients. Some of these ingredients are even grown on site - talk about fresh!

But here's where it gets even more interesting. The menu at Casita Miramar isn't static. It evolves based on the catch of the day or what's grown in their garden, making every visit a unique gastronomic adventure.

So, if you're someone who loves good food, sustainability, and appreciates the farm-to-table concept, Casita Miramar is a must-visit. With its delightful mix of food, sustainability, and rooftop dining, it certainly stands as one of the best rooftops in San Juan. Trust us, your taste buds will be singing praises!

Work Hours

  • Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4pm to 10pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11:30am to 11pm

Find Casita Miramar Here


Casita Miramar


For reservations call: (787) 200-8227


And there you have it, a flavor-packed, sight-filled tour of the best rooftops in San Juan. From the vibrant, Spanish-infused culinary scene at the Cannon Club to the postcard-worthy sunset views at the Sunset Rooftop at The Wave Hotel. From the buzzing vibe of Eter Rooftop and Lounge to the charming old-world ambiance of Bar Catedral Rooftop at the Decanter Hotel. From the awe-inspiring cityscape views at Arya Rooftop to the sustainable farm-to-table concept at Casita Miramar.

Each of these rooftops offers a unique experience that goes beyond good food and drinks. They offer glimpses into the heart of San Juan, showcasing the city's breathtaking vistas, its lively music, its commitment to sustainable dining, and above all, its spirit of hospitality.

Just remember to reserve a spot because these hotspots are on everyone's radar!

So go on, explore these rooftops and let San Juan unfold its magic one venue at a time. Who knows, by the end of it, you might not just fall in love with the views but with the city itself. Here's to unforgettable experiences on the best rooftops in San Juan - cheers!

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