Co-working Spaces in San Juan

Looking for places to co-work in San Juan? Look no further, we've got you covered.

If you’re a freelancer, startup or small business looking for a space to work remotely in Puerto Rico, there are many great options. In this article we’ll give you a comprehensive list of co-working spaces with information on prices, amenities and locations, so you can decide what works best for you. You might be looking for a private office, conference room or just a desk and wifi, these co-working spaces have it all.

#1 | PILOTO 151

This is the first co-working space that opened in Puerto Rico. Along with its original location in Old San Juan, it also has newly opened branches in Santurce and Milla de Oro. The Old San Juan office is set in a prime location, and is very easy to find. There’s a variety of restaurants, shops, grocery stores, banks, parking spaces and other tourist attractions nearby.

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With modern interiors and plenty of sunlight, the space is conducive to work productively. Its glass walls make it look visually spacious and open. The amazing interiors makes it a perfect place for members to invite potential clients and work partners. 

One solid reason to work from here is their community building program. Piloto 151 hosts over 15 networking events per month, including a ‘hacking’ night every Wednesday night, which is perfect for meeting other techies and software programmers working in the vicinity over free beer and pizza. 

Prices: Piloto 151 is priced at USD 35 per day; USD 140 for 5 days, USD 250 per month for hot desking, USD 350 per month for a dedicated desk, and USD 950 per month for a private office. 

The prices include high speed internet access (100 Megabit Fiber), with the official opening hours being from 9am – 6pm from Monday to Saturday (Sunday Closed), and 24/7 access for all members. 

Amenities: The space includes comfortable chairs, conference rooms, private offices, and phone booths/skype or podcasting booths.  Other perks of being a member include getting discounts at amazing restaurants around the area, and top notch fitness centers. You have month to month flexibility as there’s no lock-in period, mail management and handling, a virtual mailbox, and complimentary goodies too. 


The Landmark offers flexible private office suites, meeting rooms, and premium co-working spaces located in San Juan’s vibrant neighborhood of Miramar. Based on the highest hospitality standards, this co-working space has been designed to provide a premium workplace experience to its members, with the best aesthetics! The visual appeal of this place comes from the clever use of colors, materials and textures, all designed to lift your spirit high and get your creative juices flowing. 

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Apart from the standard membership, they offer something called a “Cloud Membership” which is handy if you’re a foreigner dealing with local clients. This includes a premium business address and allows Landmark to become your centralized office, where you can handle your delivered packages and other correspondence.

Prices: It’s priced at USD 50 per day for a hotdesk, USD 450 per month for a dedicated desk, and private offices starting from USD 1400 per month. The opening hours are 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, with weekends closed.

Amenities: The Landmark offers indoor and outdoor spaces, a conference room that hosts 4-10 people, a kitchen with free coffee, tea and snacks, print stations with free office supplies and private phone booths. They also have an electric generator and a backup internet connection which is handy to have in case of power outages. 


This is one of the most favorite co-working spaces among the locals of Puerto Rico. It’s close to the airport, and there are many local food and coffee places around the area. This includes the famous Lote 23, a famous food truck park in San Juan which is only a block away. 

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This co-working space did a lot of good after hurricane Maria hit the island. They invested in relief efforts after the hurricane hit, and were basically operating for free for several weeks. Their investment in the relief efforts showed they’re a socially responsible coworking space, which helped them attract new members. 

Prices: This space comes with per month pricing, with the monthly price of a  hot desk at just USD 250. The prices go progressively down if you buy 3 months together, or a year’s membership together. 

Amenities: There are plenty of perks that come with being a member here. You get stable wifi, comfortable furniture, networking events, an electronic check in, very welcoming staff, and underground parking that’s available at a reduced price to all members. 


This space is located in Old San Juan, their offices and co-working spaces offer the right environment for their members to stay productive and grow. They provide comfortable workspaces available on daily to long term rental. Their meeting rooms and working spaces allow you to run conferences, activities and workshops. Their unique ‘Moon Terrace’ is ideal for product launches and networking events. 

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Prices: You can get a hotdesk from USD 215 per month, or a dedicated desk from USD 300 a month. Private Offices start at USD 620 a month, and go up to USD 1745 a month.  

Amenities: Their broader facilities include coworking desks, private offices, a moon terrace with a great view, a podcast studio, conference and multi use rooms. Their amenities include high speed internet access, 24/7 camera surveillance for security, fresh tea and coffee, a well equipped snack bar, cleaning service, mail management, a copy center, and a backup power generator. They also have happy hours so you can enjoy a wine or beer once a week while you wind down from work. 


This co-working space is located in the center of San Juan, Puerto Rico, right next to the Metropolitan University. The location is easy to find for anyone, and there’s a lot of parking space around the area, including electric vehicle charging stations. 

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Pricing: This co-working space doesn’t have a website and isn’t very public about their pricing. You’re best off giving them a call to discuss current rates, though some information can be found on their facebook page.

Amenities: This space offers plenty of meeting rooms, a lounge area, a kitchen and a snack bar. Their conference room is large enough for 14 people, and comes equipped with a 65 inch flat screen TV and two whiteboards. The best part is that they offer free coffee and unlimited use of printers. For entertainment, they have foosball and table tennis which helps people unwind during working hours.


This co-working space is located in one of the best commercial buildings in Puerto Rico, called the El Caribe Building. It’s overlooking a ‘fifty shades of blue’ sea and a beach filled with palm trees, which seems to be anyone’s dream office work location. This space is focused on attracting experienced professionals who want to co-work, connect and co-play! Their staff seems super helpful from the customer reviews and would be more than happy to welcome you.

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Pricing: This space doesn’t disclose its pricing and you’re best off calling them for further details, (787) 952-1008.

Amenities: This space offers high-speed internet access, air conditioning, a lounge/chillout area, free coffee, an onsite cafe, a kitchen, personal lockers, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, free parking on premises, and free beer too! They’re open 9am until 6pm from Monday to Saturday, with Sundays closed, with 24/7 access given to all members. 

Other Options

If you still haven’t found a co-working space in the list above that you’d like to work from, there are many others available in Puerto Rico. Some of them include Spece, Engine 4 (which claims to have the largest startup community in Puerto Rico), and the Oceana Hub Center.

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