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Outdoor Adventures Around San Juan

Puerto Rico has fantastic outdoor recreations, including hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, and more. Check out our list to plan your next adventure.

Are you looking to explore some outdoor activities to help you relax and keep fit? Puerto Rico has fantastic outdoor recreations, including hiking, zip-lining, paddle boarding, scuba diving, jet snorkeling, kayaking, and more that will not only improve your fitness but also provide an amazing experience. This guide will include the locations and contact information to fast-track your bookings, as well as what to expect in terms of pricing and what to bring to be prepared.


Here you will explore the wonders of the El Yunque rainforest and enjoy a hike on an off-the-beaten-path tour. Trail along secret walkways and discover swimming holes and waterfalls that are not known to many. This well-planned tour from San Juan will surely give you the ultimate swimming, hiking, and scenic experience.


·  Enjoy your time swimming in natural pools and hiking in the wild.

·  Explore the natural wonders of the El Yunque rainforest.

·  Enjoy the fantasy of the wild on this off-the-beaten-path tour.

What to Expect

Pickup location for the tour is at central San Juan or, better still, your hotel. You are expected to bring along hiking gear like shoes with good grip, comfortable clothing, towels, a swimsuit, and a change of clothes.

Pricing ranges from $95 per adult.

Bookings and Contact Info

Visit the Bespoke Lifestyle Management website and select the “El Yunque Rainforest Off the Beaten Path Day Trip” or call 443-598-6783.

Duration: ~ 8 hours.


With the use of a snorkeling jet, participants will enjoy snorkeling without having to burn their energy swimming. The Jet snorkel just takes you on an underwater cruise, swimming in a reef with turtles. This experience is undoubtedly enjoyed in a summer atmosphere and will deliver the very best underwater delight.


·  Fitted with snorkeling gear, tour guides will lead you to a beautiful reef on a separate beach to prepare you for the underwater tour.

·  Enjoy the perfect underwater experience swimming side by side with turtles.

What to Expect

This tour can only accommodate 6 participants. They are to come along with swimming gear, a change of clothes and a towel. 

Pricing ranges from $99.99 per adult.

Bookings and Contact Info

Visit the Jet Snorkel website or call  704-313-8007.

Departure: Batería del Escambrón, C. Normandie, San Juan, PR 00907. Duration: ~ 1.5 hours.


Enjoy the amazing ziplining thrill and the waterfall in Carite State Forest on this adventure about 45 minutes from San Juan. The gear needed to descend the El Salto Waterfall and zipline across the treetops is provided in this expedition, and even a home-cooked meal will be served. Participants will enjoy a complimentary hotel pick up and drop off as well as learn about the sugar cane factory and indigenous heritage in the area.


·  Enjoy personalized service from a guide allocated to each small group.

·  Zip-line down a mountain and descend the waterfall close to San Juan.

·  Savor the taste of a home-cooked meal after the forest adventure.

·  Zip-line and rappelling gear, as well as tour guidance, included.

What to Expect

Pickup points are at select hotels in San Juan, Isla Verde, or Condado. On arrival 45 minutes later, tour participants receive their helmets and begin their forest adventure.

On the first leg of the adventure, you take an uphill hike, enjoy folklore and local history from your guide, and group briefing on safety procedures for the adventure. The walk continues through the river and forest before climbing up to the top of the El Salto Waterfall. Once your group reaches the top, you all rappel down the falls together.

The group hike downriver ushers you to five different zip lines down to the mountain’s bottom. Here you will enjoy a sumptuous home-cooked meal before getting dropped off at your hotel or pickup location.

Pricing ranges from $155 per adult.

Bookings and Contact Info

Visit the Rocaliza Adventure Tours website or call 787-268-0101.

Departure: Select hotels in San Juan, Isla Verde, or Condado. Duration: ~ 7 hours.


Night kayaking through the Condado Lagoon is truly stunning because of the ecosystem around the lagoon. The manatees feeding on seagrass is a common sight, and is part of the reason why the lagoon is preserved for study as an important natural reserve. Enjoy the nighttime view, architecture, and light of the vibrant Condado area afloat a kayak.


·  Enjoy guided night time kayaking.

·  Exposure to numerous marine species cohabiting together in the lagoon.

What to Expect

Limited to 10 participants, all will be entitled to a life vest and other safety gear with a guide. Most travelers can participate except, of course, for pregnant women, people with heart problems, and other severe medical conditions.

Pricing ranges from $50 per participant.

Bookings and Contact Info

Visit the VIP Adventures Puerto Rico website or call 787-466-0131.

Duration: ~ 1 hour.


Carried out on the private beach located inside Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan, you will not need a certification in order to dive. Participants are guided through a brief class by the instructors about the basics of scuba, followed by a pool lesson and then a fun dive. The entire experience is carried out within the confines of the hotel, expelling the need to go to another location. The hotel beach boasts shallow coves filled with fish and other aquatic bodies.


·  Experience scuba diving in a private facility.

·  Explore the shallow dive coves and aquatic habitat.

·  Enjoy swim lessons and fun dives just before the scuba dive.

What to Expect

Choose between the morning and afternoon scuba dive start times and head to Caribe Hilton Hotel, San Juan. Just at the beach entrance, the dive instructors are ready to kick start your lesson before the dive.

The instructors will briefly educate on proper scuba safety procedures then stroll to the pool for a scuba demonstration. After the demonstration, you take your first open-water dive in a shallow and safe cove that’s swarming with fish. Your experience at the hotel ends after your dive.

As expected, swimwear, a towel and a possible change of clothes should be brought along. Other scuba gear will be provided before the dive.

Prices range from $171.54 per adult

Bookings and Contact Info

Visit the Aqua Adventure website or call 787-636-8811.

Duration: ~ 2.5 hours.

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