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Surf Spots Around Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has numerous spots around the island for beginners to advanced surfers. This guide will help you find your next epic location to catch a wave.

Who can resist the warm water surf in Puerto Rico? With numerous spots around the island for spots suitable for beginners to advanced surfers, you’ll find an epic location to catch your next wave. During the summer months waves in general are better for beginners with smaller swells. In the winter months waves pick up, creating bigger swells for more advanced surfers. Please be aware of currents at all times. Many beaches and surf spots have rip currents. Also be aware of reefs and coral under the water that may not be visible. 

Grab your board, save our map, and hit the waves!

La Pared, Luquillo

La Pared Beach

On the east side in Luquillo, this is a popular surf spot for beginners. There are often red flags out for rip current warnings. As there is no lifeguard on duty, it is recommended that you surf with a buddy. The water is fairly shallow for a way out from shore. Views of the shoreline stretch from Luquillo to Fajardo lighthouse making it a beautiful spot to relax, surf, and just commune with nature in general. For surf lessons there are several vendors nearby or see our article on unique things to do in Puerto Rico for a surf instructor. Afterwards, head to Boardriders Surf Bar for lunch or get a piña colada from the nearby vendor. No amenities, but it is walking distance to the Luquillo town square. Parking is free along the street or the nearby parking lot. 

Playa La Selva, Luquillo

Playa La Selva

This beach just south of Luquillo is only accessible with a 4x4 vehicle. You can access the rugged dirt road via Corredor Ecologico del Noreste. The road has many large puddles and is extremely muddy after a rain. The location has great waves for intermediate/advanced surfers. There are rocks, sandbars and reefs beneath the water, so be aware of your surroundings. It’s very shallow until you get past the sandbar. No amenities, just beautiful coastline and jaw dropping views. Free access and parking.

Inches Beach, Patillas

Inches Beach

This is a favorite surf spot in the south. The beach is not sandy but has a lot of small pebbles and river rock. Be sure to bring a beach chair or blanket for relaxing and getting comfortable under one of the shady trees along the beach. There is a great surf atmosphere with good waves year round. The surf is suitable for short, long, boogie boards and stand up paddle boarding. Food, drinks, grocery stores and restaurants are nearby. Beach parking is available for free.

Jobos Beach, Isabella

Playa Jobos

This is a champion surf spot. They often hold surf competitions here. It’s a lively beach with many locals hanging about. There are numerous bars and restaurants nearby. The beach has a small shallow protected area for snorkeling, but it is recommended that you swim with caution. It is a better beach for surfing with bigger waves during the winter. Some of the best surfing for beginners tends to be during the early spring and summer months. Surfboards and snorkel gear are available for rent within walking distance. It is best to connect with the shop to inquire about the safety of the surf when you are there. Parking on the streets or nearby parking turnouts is free

Playa Aviones, Loiza

Playa Aviones

This surf spot is just minutes from the city and the airport, less than two miles past Piñones. There are numerous spots you can surf right off the coast, however, this location has the most consistent and reliable surf closest to the city. Best for advanced and pro surfers as the waves are strong, lots of rock under foot, reefs to be aware of and shallow waters.  Parking is free along the street, look for the wooden pathways that take you over the protected dunes to the beach.

Domes Beach, Rincon

Domes Beach

Named after the old nuclear plant on the bluff, Domes is one of the best surfing spots on the west coast. It is also a great place to watch the sun set. There’s lots of shade on the beach for setting up a beach chair and watching surfers. It is a popular big wave surf spot in the winter. The location is not good for swimming due to the powerful surf and lack of lifeguards. There are no amenities at this beach but there are a few restaurants nearby. Parking is free along Highway 4413. Some choose to park down by the beach, however it is not recommended unless you have a 4x4 vehicle. 

Kikita Surf Beach, Dorado

Kikita Surf Beach

A quiet and often uncrowded beach. It is a great spot for watching surfers if you don’t surf yourself. It’s not a good beach for swimming or snorkeling due to the rough surf. Winter months, especially November, tend to be the best month for surfable waves. The rest of the time it can be blown out or better suited for those learning to surf. Parking nearby can be challenging but it is free. 

Los Tubos Surf Beach, Manati

Los Tubos Surf Beach

Los Tubos has suitable surf for beginners to advanced depending on the swell. It is not a good beach for snorkeling or swimming due to the conditions. During low tide conditions there are petroglyphs that can be seen on the nearby rocks. A lot of people visit this beach to see the petroglyphs which can impact parking in the area. There is a boat ramp with dirt road access. There is a small parking area but most park along the road. Be aware that the ground can be soft and that you may need a 4x4 vehicle so that you don’t get stuck in the sand. There are no amenities nearby. 

Please surf safely. Let others know where you are going, be aware of your surroundings, rip currents, reefs, rocks beneath you and have a shoreline point of view to keep track of where you are. Most beaches in Puerto Rico do not have lifeguards so it’s up to you to surf safely.https://www.surf-forecast.com/ is a great site for getting up to date surf conditions in Puerto Rico.

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