Unique Experiences in Puerto Rico - Pt 1

There is so much to see and do in Puerto Rico, check out our selection of “off the beaten path” experiences on the island

There is so much to see and experience in Puerto Rico. The Enchanted Isle is mostly known for its beaches, jungle, rivers, waterfalls and of course the food, but there is so much more to this island. Experiencing some of these “off the beaten path” selections will provide you with a more unique appreciation for the island and lasting memories of your time in Puerto Rico.

Food Tour


See website for types of tour experiences and associated times and prices for each.

The Spoon provides a variety of food tours focused on the “Old Town” or Viejo San Juan. Their tours are small groups led by a local guide, giving you a close up taste of Puerto Rican culture and flavor. They support local small independently owned establishments with morning, afternoon and evening tours. Wear comfortable shoes, as well as a hat and sunscreen for daytime tours. Prices range from $59 to $149 depending on the type of offering. 

A food tour is a great way to not only learn about local cuisine but depending on your guide you will learn about climate, culture, architecture and history. The guides are personable and have great information about the vicinity, as well as the culture of Puerto Rico, the Taíno language and local products. For example, the word “Savannah'' is a Taino word meaning arid or dry; no two buildings in Old Town can be the same color; and the column in Plaza de Beneficencia has 22 layers, each layer is soil from the 22 islands in the Caribbean. The lamp shades in the plaza are fashioned after the gems from Queen Isabella, and there are many more interesting facts in which you can learn about on your tour!

You’ll have the opportunity to sample a variety of local drinks and food from 5 different locations. Everything from Puerto Rican grown coffee to plantains, capping off the tour with a Paleta. You will not finish the tour hungry! They are very accommodating to dietary restrictions as long as you notify them ahead of your tour.

Puerto Rican Bomba Dance Classes



Every Saturday at 11:00 to 12:00 in Loiza. $15 for classes.

Run by Piñones Corporation Integrates, a community based 501C-3 non-profit organization. The $15 fee for the workshop is a stipulated donation per person. Call for reservations or questions and make sure to wear comfortable clothing. 

Next to the traditional food on the island, nothing says Puerto Rico like Bomba. By attending a Bomba workshop you have the opportunity to learn about African heritage and its immersion in Puerto Rican culture and music. They share information about the history of Bomba which was rooted in African slavery, but has since become an expression of Puerto Rican community and culture. Bomba is felt emotionally, a way to express joy, sadness, anger and as a dance of resistance. For women it is a way to express frustrations about inequality and justice. There are several components involving the instruments, dancers and singers. The rhythm of Bomba is led by the dancer and the rest follow. You can also experience Bomba at plazas in Santurce, Río Piedras and Viejo San Juan. 

Surf Lessons

Costa Este Surf Shop



For $60 per person for 1 ½ hours at La Pared Beach in Luquillo you can receive personalized instruction, by reservation only. Available Monday through Saturday from 7 AM to 3:30 PM. Contact them to schedule morning, noon or afternoon sessions. They are available for individual or group lessons. Wear your swimsuit and rash guard if you have one, otherwise a t-shirt will do. Don’t forget your sunblock!

With the warm oceans of Puerto Rico, it is a perfect place to surf! Surfing is a great way to learn an activity that you wouldn’t typically experience; it’s also a great way to overcome fears you may have about the sea. The instructor is patient and kind, taking away the apprehension of learning a new skill. They make it easy for anyone to learn. First you practice on land so that you know how to stand up on the board. They teach you how to look for rip currents and before you get in the water they go over safety rules. They will help you get the board out to where you can catch a wave. The water is pretty shallow so if you fall you can easily stand up. Surfing is a fun way to get a workout and to work off all that delicious Puerto Rican food!

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