Iniciativa De Ecodesarrollo De Bahia De Jobos

Nonprofit serving Salinas, Arroyo, and Guayama.


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The Jobos Bay Eco-Development Initiative is a non-profit organization formed by a coalition of communities and citizen organizations concerned about social inequality and the protection of their natural and cultural heritage.

Formed in 2010 to protect natural and cultural patrimony, the Iniciativa de Ecodesarrollo Bahía de Jobos (IDEBAJO - or Ecodevelopment Initiative of Jobos Bay) expanded after Hurricane María to include serving meals across Salinas, Arroyo, and Guayama. The initiative reactivated the mutual aid network Construyendo Solidaridad desde el Amor y la Devoción to help rebuild local homes damaged after the disaster. Now, the initiative works with Coquí Solar, a project dedicated to bringing solar energy to Puerto Rico amid the island’s energy crisis and the worsening of climate change.

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