Bomb Hit

8:00 pm
Saturday, March 30, 2024

Bomb & Candle!

Celebrating the 12th Puerto Rican Drum Gathering created by Norma Salazar that will take place in Mayagüez.

In Mayagüez the importance of life was given. And it is there, where for the first time he ascended to the high halls of society.

Quote from Rafael Cepeda Atiles, Patriarch of the Bomba.

For this and more, Estudio 353, Betances 100Sur and #LaSanVi join the celebration with a great Bomba Hit for you.

Join us! Saturday, March 30 | 8pm

B100SouthFree entry.


Mariela Mendoza Solis (voice/percussion)

Exan Cepeda (vocals/percussion)

Anel Rivera Vazquez (vocals/percussion)

Ilia Ilia (vocals/percussion)

Angelica Valdes (voice)J

amie Pérez (vocals/percussion)

Angel Luis Alicea Leon (vocals/percussion)

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