Braiding identities: 30 Afro -American artists

8:00 am
Friday, March 15, 2024

Within the framework of the celebration in the month of February of the month of black history, "Black History Month", in the United States and Canada the Casa Silvana cultural space, dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Afropuerrerricño art, presents since last 1 February and until March 15, the collective exhibition entitled “Trenities: 30 Afro -Fuerrórga artists” in the Vision Gallery in contrast located on the 2nd floor of the Optometry School at the Inter -American University of Bayamón.

On the exhibition his curator Edwin Velázquez Collazo points out: "It is a historic exhibition that brings together 30 outstanding Afro-waring artists who live and work currently in Puerto Rico, the United States, Spain and France for the first time in Puerto Rican art.

""BRAIDING IDENTIES: 30 Afro -American artists" seeks to banish stereotypes and make visible the Afro aesthetics of black and Afro -descendant artists in the history of the art of Puerto Rico. This interesting collective sample presents works in a variety of media such as photography, painting, drawing, digital art, collage and engraving as well as race, gender and identity issues

Participants: Gabriela Ajlesha, Angelica Allen, Alvilda Sophia Anaya Alegría, Imna Arroyo, S.Damary Burgos, Ketsia Camacho Ramos, Maribel Canales Rosario, Brenda Cruz, Maritza Dávila Irizarry, Joyce de Jesús Martínez, Jorly Flores, Yasmín Hernández, Juanita Lanzo, Nitzayra Leonor, Deyaneira Lucero Maldonado, Sandra Martínez, Adriana Parrilla, Madeline Pimentel, Amber Robles Gordon, Brendamaris Rodríguez, Raysa Raquel, Alejandra "Ale" Rosa, Femarie Rosario Disla, Ahisamar Antonia, Rachel Smith Sepúlveda, Brenda Torres Figueroa, Violeta Vani, Violet Gabriela M. Vázquez Santiago, Estefanía Vallejo Santiago and Marcia X.

The exhibition has been possible thanks to the support of the maneuvering program of the Center for Creative Economics (CEC) and Mellon Foundation. For more information: 787-240-4603 or

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