Carnival Ponceño 2024

5:00 pm
Friday, February 2, 2024

Join the great 166th celebration of Carnaval Ponceño 2024, dedicated to the vibrant Caribbean! Two weeks full of festivities, beginning with the Carnaval de Vejigantes de la Playa and culminating with the historic Carnaval Ponceño. If you enjoyed the patron saint festivities, get ready for an even more spectacular experience.

Event Details:

February 2-4, 2024 Ponce Beach Carnival Date.

February 8-13, 2024 Carnaval Ponceño.

Two weeks of Caribbean joy, culture and music! Enjoy colorful parades, contagious music and the unique essence of the Caribbean. Don't miss Carnaval Ponceño 2024, a party that will remain engraved in your memory! Stay tuned to Visit Ponce for schedules, parades, stages, artist run downs and additional announcements. Get ready to be immerse yourself by the magic of the Caribbean in Ponce!

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