Cayey and Christmas

9:00 am
Sunday, January 7, 2024

Christmas tour about Cayey's history and Christmas traditions through the "Capital of the Parranda" in the middle of Christmas.- When: Sunday, January 7, 2024- Departure: 9:00am, Utopia, in front of the Plaza Las Delicias de Ponce.

Duration: 8 - 9 hours- Includes: transportation, entrance fees, guides, breakfast, lunch, and much more!Although better known as the "City of the Mists" or "City of the Torito," Cayey should also be known as the "City of the Parranda." For in Puerto Rico there is no other town with as many parranderos and composers of Christmas music as in Cayey.

And that is why to close the Christmas season we are going to Cayey to know its history, the history of Christmas in Puerto Rico, and to celebrate our traditions and Christmas music in a big way.

What will we be learning and doing?

1. History of Cayey

2. History of Christmas and its traditions in Puerto Rico.

3. Visit to the famous lechon neighborhood: Guavate

4. Tasting typical christmas dishes in Guavate

5. History of tobacco in Puerto Rico6. Visit to the urban area of Cayey

7. History of famous Cayeyans such as: Ramón Frade, César Concepción, composers Tuna de Cayey, among others.

8. Visit the geographical areas of Puerto Rico

9. Visit to the Historic House of Music in Cayey.

10. Among other stops, stories and activities along the route.

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