Illusion of Kings 2024

10:00 am
Saturday, January 6, 2024

The theater group Tercera Llamada will present for the 3rd consecutive year its famous living statues of the Three Wise Men accompanied by the impressive Living Nativity at the gates of Heaven, the museum of religious art Porta Coeli. Illusion of Kings. This year the sublime pilgrimage of all the characters of the Nativity begins at 10 a.m. in Santo Domingo Square.

As if time stood still and transported us to such an important moment in the history of mankind, so will be this visual spectacle that also brings surprises by the Living Statues. Among them, one of the living statues will come to life to delight the audience with the Christmas melodies we all know.

Our Three Kings tradition is still alive in Puerto Rico. In addition, Tercera Llamada will present its theater students with a witty and fun Christmas theatrical piece. About future projects for 2024 of the Tercera Llamada collective, the actor and writer mentioned "We have a Lorquian theatrical event that will be unique for lovers of classical theater and Garcia Lorca, plus another play about love Romeo and Juliet style and we are projecting a Festival of Living Statues and a special presentation of the Living Statues that will be to the liking of the people of Puerto Rico. All with the purpose of promoting our culture through art."

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