Salsa's Musical Pantheon in Puerto Rico NYE

9:00 pm
Sunday, December 31, 2023

In this Cemetery of San Jose - Villa Palmeras located in San Mateo de Cangrejos (Santurce Puerto Rico) rest some of the most important salsa artist of the island. Puerto Rico is the birthplace of Salsa music and we will visit some of the musicians, dancers, singers and writers responsible for this world renounced musical genre. People like Rafael Cortijo, Ismael Miranda, Don Rafael Cepeda, Angel Cachete Maldonado, Pedro 'Pellín' Rodríguez,Sammy Ayala, Tommy Olivencia and more.

We will help define the Puerto Rican Salsa movement with its Bomba and Plena musical influences,conceptualize the social, political evolution in resilience and resistance. Importantly the connecting salsa to race, marginalization and religious and political persecution in the cointelpro years. Salsa is a very followed and studied musical genre worldwide, we would like to thank so many references use in the studying for this project. Also the historians from La Sociedad Historica de Villa Palmeras and Cepeda Family.

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