Sirena, de Francisco Arrivi

8:30 pm
Friday, June 9, 2023

The Puerto Rican Cultural Institute and the Alejandro Tapia y Rivera Institute, along with their National Theater Company, will bring to the stage the drama "SIRENA" by Maestro FRANCISCO ARRIVÍ in a version and direction by ROBERTO RAMOS-PEREA.

As part of the annual activities honoring Maestro Francisco Arriví, it is announced that on June 9th, "ARRIVÍ EN EL ARRIVÍ II" will be celebrated. The event will showcase his theatrical work titled "SIRENA," along with an exhibition of his work, a colloquium on his racially themed plays, and a public screening of the film "VEJIGANTES" based on the work of FRANCISCO ARRIVÍ, produced by the Dramatic Project Lucy Boscana of WIPR TV.

"SIRENA" - which has no relation to recent films with a similar name - was written and published in 1946 and has been staged numerous times. The most celebrated production was in 1959, starring actors Echevarría and Luis Vigoreaux under the author's own direction. Other actresses, such as Idalia Pérez Garay, portrayed the devastating conflict of Marina Beltrán, a sensitive and enamored mulatto woman who gives her heart to a conceited white youth who only desires her for pleasure. When Marina becomes pregnant, a terrible conflict unfolds, where Marina confronts what is known as 'endoracism,' the hatred some people hold against their own race. Marina decides to do the impossible, and almost abominable, to win the love of the capricious youth by completely denying her origins and race.

Although the play is set in the 1940s of the 20th century, the story of this conflict continues to make headlines today, and the issue of race remains as relevant as ever.

This significant production by the National Theater Company of the Tapia Institute, in the version and direction of Maestro ROBERTO RAMOS-PEREA, is led by Melissa Reyes as Marina Beltrán. Reyes delivered an outstanding performance in the recent film version of Arriví's "Vejigantes." She is joined on stage by Israel Solla as the conceited rich and racist youth, and renowned actress Sonia Rodríguez as Marina's mother. Nelson Alvarado portrays the enamored mulatto poet Alejandro; Cybelle Delgado as the aristocratic and racist mother; Jesús Aguad as the surgeon Dr. Well; Andrea Toro as the nurse Pepita, and the special performance of Caroline Vanessa Alicea as the singer of "Vano Empeño." The play features original music by composer UGOH and the touch of bomba rhythms by Nubia García. Lighting design is by Héctor Negrón, and the Executive Production is by Jaycee González.

The National Theater Company (CNT) of the Alejandro Tapia y Rivera Institute will stage this play at the ARRIVÍ Theater, located at Stop 22 in Santurce, starting from July 9th, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 pm and Sundays at 4:30 pm for two weekends.

ADMISSION IS COMPLETELY FREE, as always with the National Theater Company of the Tapia Institute.

For more information, you can call (939) 204-5076 or write to You can also visit our website: or our social media channels.

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