The Salsa Route

8:30 am
Saturday, March 16, 2024

The 40th anniversary of the Zalsa National Day of Z93 is approaching. The event will take place on Sunday, March 17. As usual, we will be offering our salsa excursions between Friday and Saturday before the National Day.

\On our excursions you will enjoy the villages and neighborhoods where many of our salsa leaders took their first steps in the sauce. Tourist places, museums, salsa rooms, collector stores, sculptures, murals, raffles, a lot of salsa and many surprises.

Here we announce the excursions on Friday 15 and Saturday, March 16 .

Closer to the date we will publish more details of our excursions, even so, if you want more information, do not hesitate to call us by WhatsApp  +1 7874142025. Look for us on Facebook and Instagram.

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