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Caguas Food Truck Park: Gourmet Street Eats & Delights [Must-Try]

Experience the culinary magic at Caguas Food Truck Park! From gourmet delights to local favorites, why settle for ordinary? Dive into a taste journey!

Guide to the Caguas Food Truck Park

If you're ever in Puerto Rico and have a hankering for some variety in your meal, Caguas Food Park is the spot to be!

Right by the Luis A. Ferré highway, it's easy to find and perfect for a pit stop. With 13 diverse food trucks – from yummy appetizers to sweet desserts – there's something for everyone.

And guess what? It's super cozy and even your furry friends are welcome.

To dive deeper into what each truck offers, let's dive into our list of all the yummy spots in Caguas Food Park!

La Revuelta Beer Garden and Bar

Ever in the mood for a night of singing, sipping, and swaying? Swing by La Revuelta Beer Garden and Bar! With a sheltered bar area and a stage set for karaoke and live tunes, it promises good vibes. They boast a grand mix of beers and drinks. And for those looking forward to their next event? Just peek at their Facebook page.

Xatay Caguas

Craving a twist on your typical sushi? Xatay Caguas is where Asian flavors meet Puerto Rican zest! This food truck serves everything from classic crispy spicy tuna sushi sprinkled with panko to the show-stealer "Heart Attack" rolls – a delightful mix of BBQ ribs, cream cheese, bacon, sweet plantain, and cilantro mayo.

El Vagón Del Búho

For all the smoky meat lovers out there, El Vagón Del Búho is your next food haven! Dive into their menu filled with mouth-watering burritos, burgers, and chicken delights. But wait, there's more! Start off with appetizers like meaty stuffed avocados or the intriguing "Arañitas" – not real spiders, but crispy fried plantain slices. And if that wasn't tempting enough, their loaded fries and nachos will surely seal the deal.

Asere ¿Qué bola?

"Asere ¿Qué bola?" serves up some tasty Cuban and Puerto Rican dishes. You'll find Caribbean favorites, yummy sandwiches, chicken delights, and starters on their menu. Don't miss their big sharing appetizer, "Aperitivo el Malecón", packed with a mix of cheese, meats, bread, and fried goodies – perfect for a group munch!

Galaxy Burgers

At Galaxy Burgers, you'll find burgers that are truly out of this world, complete with colorful buns and flavors like cream cheese, bacon, or mashed plantains nestled inside. Oh, and don’t forget to peek at their Facebook for the daily star-studded special!

Del Romano Pizza and Pasta

Craving the warmth of Italy with a dash of Puerto Rican heat? Dive into oven-baked pizzas topped with both timeless favorites and unique Puerto Rican twists at this spot. And if you're in the mood for pasta, they've got you with delicious choices from creamy fettuccine to hearty lasagna.

Los Chorritos

Step back in time and savor the flavors that have delighted folks since 1975! At Los Chorritos, it's not just about food; it's about tradition. They will take you into a world of artisan appetizers, especially their standout cheese and guava empanadillas. And don't skip their classic Puerto Rican mains and warming soups. It's like a tasty trip down memory lane!


Fancy a customizable Mexican feast? At Supremos, it's all about crafting your perfect plate. From burritos and tacos to quesadillas and bowls, pick and mix from a range of veggies, meats, rice, and cheeses. And don't forget those elotes and nachos! Your tummy will thank you later, as this spot is super delicious!

Las Caras Lindas

"Las Caras Lindas" marries Puerto Rican and Dominican culinary traditions. Their seafood spread? Quite a lineup. And you might want to bookmark those fish tacos and mac and cheese plates for your visit. It's a flavorful journey waiting to be explored.


If you're like us and love discovering new food spots, then Caguas Food Park is a must-visit. With a variety of dining options, it's easy to see why one visit just isn't enough. The staff? Warm and attentive. And for those cozy nights in, many trucks offer delivery through Uber Eats and Doordash. Talk about convenience and flavor in one place!

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