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Comic-Con 2023 Review

Puerto Rico has been hosting its own Comic-Con annually for 21 years. This year's event may be considered one of the most successful in its history.

Pop culture has been present in our society for a few decades and has spread its wings with the help of media platforms from television, films, and social media. You can find all of this and much more at Comic-Con.

Puerto Rico has been hosting its own Comic-Con annually for 21 years. This year’s event was held in the Convention Center in San Juan and may be considered one of the most successful in its history. From local artists to panels and many kiosks and activities, the event was filled with fun for the whole family. Check out their social media to get updates for next year: Facebook PRCC, Instagram PRCC.

The Main Event

Fans from all over the country waited anxiously in line to witness the pop culture zeitgeist of the year. The wonderful cosplay tradition lightens the environment as fans display the love of their favorite characters from movies, television, and video games. One of the most popular activities in the event is called the Cosplay Showcase, where fans with homemade and bought costumes can stand in front of an audience of thousands and vote for their favorite contestants. 

Next up, fans enjoyed various activities, from a free photo booth by Sony to video games sponsored by Monster Energy and Liberty. Snacks and concessions were available in Bistro Las Palmas, Las Nubes Café, Café Alto Grande, and Kikuet, all provided by the Convention Center, among other stands.

This year, the event brought back the Q&A panels - held in different ballrooms where guest speakers promoted their work and interacted with fans. Fans could extend the interaction with photo ops and autographs at extra costs, with varying prices per artist. 

The special guests invited were Gabriel Luna (actor, The Last of Us on HBO/HBO Max), Tom Sturridge (actor, Sandman on Netflix, based on the DC comics of the same name), Comic book artist Ariel Olivietti, Team RWBY (from the anime series RWBY, composed of Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, Arryn Zech and Kara Eberly) and the cast & crew of the upcoming Puerto Rican feature film Era Del Silencio - Gretza Merced Cruz, Heixan, Miranda Purcell and Luis Torres. 


Originally planned to be featured at the Puerto Rico Film Fest at Comic-Con (unfortunately, it was canceled), the team behind Era Del Silencio was in full force to promote their film produced by a 100% Puerto Rican indie studio, Aqueo Films

The film will make history as the first post-apocalyptic dystopian motion picture that is Puerto Rican starred, produced, and made. Filmed entirely on the Island in four locations (Caguas, Toa Alta, Cayey, and Humacao), Era Del Silencio tells the story of an apocalypse like never before. The teaser trailer premiered on April 8th, the second day of the event, during the film’s Q&A panel and was played in the movie’s booth in aisle 1700. For more information, check out their official website and social media here

Surprise From a Special Guest

Usually, guests from critically acclaimed shows such as Sandman and The Last of Us tend to interact with the public from a distance. However, on April 9th, the third and final day of Comic-Con, fans had the pleasant surprise of encountering Gabriel Luna (who plays Tommy Miller on The Last of Us) wandering around the corners of the venue. His humble nature, unwavering kindness, and genuine curiosity about the fans and their cosplays were clear. The crew at Comic-Con was more than honored to share this experience with the rest of the audience on social media. Many were lucky enough to capture this moment as an endearing memory to be cherished.

In Conclusion

The media has a powerful effect on society, as proven by big-scale events like Comic-Con. Local and international artists can showcase their work, and geeks from all over the country can share their passions for films, television, and video games all under the same roof. Don’t miss next year’s Comic-Con in Puerto Rico - it will surely be an incredible experience.

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