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Dog Parks of San Juan

Looking for a place to take your pup? Check out our list of dog parks in the San Juan area.

Dog parks are a great place for letting your pup socialize and sniff around to their hearts delight, giving your companion a place to run off-leash without worrying about cars or commuters. Dog parks also give you the opportunity to meet other like minded people and feel a greater sense of community, after all you have dogs in common! 

Different parks allow for different experiences and cater to different needs. Do you want to relax? Does your dog like to tackle obstacles? How about parking? San Juan has a variety of dog parks to suit the needs of you and your pup. 

Parque de Perros Arterial Hostos

Ave. Hostos, Hato Rey, PR 00918

6 AM- 9PM, 7 days per week

Parking: Available, free

Easy access from Expreso 1 and the Av. Arterial B exit. Check out the large Hato Rey mural on your right! Down a wide shady boulevard, this park sits at the end of the street. Parking is easy and most spots are shaded. The neighborhood is quiet despite the many condominiums lining the street. Double gated entry to one large enclosure for the dogs to play and explore. Water and trash cans are available. Gorgeous large trees keep the park shady for your pup and lend a serene ambience. The grounds are tidy; a combination of dirt with grass around the fringes. Lamps and fairy lights keep the park well lit in the evening hours. The park can be empty in the middle of the day but gets busy in the evenings. 

Luis Muñoz Marín Park

Expreso Las Américas, San Juan, PR 00920

For Kids and Pets (dog park within)

9 AM-5 PM, Closed Mondays and Holidays

Parking: Available, $2

Easy access off the expressway where 18 and 17 intersect in the Gobernador Piñero district. Close to Hato Rey, Rio Piedras and Plaza Las Americas. The dog park is within Luis Muñoz Marïn park. It is $2 to park, $3 for park entrance during the week. A large park with plenty of dog bags along its extensive pathways. You can walk your dog on leash for miles on paved trails or park grounds! If you want to run them off leash take them to the dog park near the P2 parking area. 

A total of 3 enclosures; 2 small ones for smaller pups and one large one for the big dogs. All enclosures have double gated entry. The small enclosures are simple with bark on the ground and don’t have any obstacles for dogs like they do in the large enclosure. They all have water access and occasionally there is a water play area. The large enclosure has seating for owners and lots of space for dogs to socialize and run around. There are several tunnels for your adventurous pup. Gorgeous landscaping and plants around the park give the area a lush feeling. Bathrooms are nearby for dog owners. 

On the weekends there may be park personnel supervising the dog park and the rest of the grounds. Mid-week it was quiet but there were a couple of people there with their pups. On the weekends it is likely to get very busy as there are vendor stalls, numerous play structures, gazebos, swings, water features and even ping pong tables in the park. 

Condado Dog Park

1207 C. Luchetti #1211, Condado, PR 00907

Open 24 hours, 7 days per week

Parking: Street only

Just off Expreso 26, if you turn right on the first street (Calle Almendares) after you get off the exit you will reach the park easily. Otherwise, you will have to go around the block due to the one way streets in the neighborhood. Nestled between high rises this park sits on a shady street. Street parking may be difficult, this park is best for those already in the neighborhood. The park has double gated entry and one large area for all dogs to socialize and play so there is no separation for large and small dogs. The ground is dirt, and it has water (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t), trash bins and scoopers, as well as ramps and obstacles for your active dog. Dog walkers in the neighborhood take their charges to this park so if your dog gets overwhelmed by a large volume of dogs greeting them this may not be the best place to go. This park is typically busy all day long. 

University Gardens Park

212-216 Av. Palma Real, University Gardens, San Juan, PR 00927

Open 24 hours, 7 days per week

Parking: Available

A neighborhood dog park in the University Gardens area not far from 17 and 1. A large grassy area is fenced in for your dog to run around safely, with some large tires for obstacles. The grass looked slightly overgrown but lush. 

Make sure you bring your own doggy bags and water for your pups as there isn’t any present. There’s also no shade or seating in this park. A small parking lot and street parking are available for easy access. Mid-day only one other person was there but in the evenings it can be busy.

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