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Guide to Comic-Con PR 2023

Puerto Rico Comic-Con has it all - from cosplay to special guests, this is one of the coolest events of the year.

There’s a place once known for attracting nerds and outcasts to call home every year. It is an event that has grown immensely popular in Puerto Rico over the last decade: Comic-Con. Originally intended to exhibit the talents of comic-book artists and pop art creators in San Diego, California in 1979, the concept of Comic-Con has expanded beyond the United States West Coast.  

In 2002, Puerto Rico held its first ever Comic-Con in the YMCA building in Santurce, with just 1,000 people attending. Twenty-one years later and now in the Convention Center, the event has welcomed thousands of guests who can express their love for popular culture and arts freely right in the heart of the Caribbean.

Where to start at such a massive event? 

Anyone can follow this guide to the coolest event of the year, including tips to jolt that adrenaline for the upcoming days. Comic-Con in Puerto Rico lasts three days, and fans can choose whether to go one day, two days or buy tickets for the 3-Day Pass. Buy tickets here.

First Things First:

After the tickets are bought, there is an extensive line to enter. Patience is required as all fans are just as eager as the others to explore and enjoy every activity the event has to offer. 

Cosplay in Comic-Con Culture:

Up next, a plethora of color blends donned by the cosplays (costumes of a fan’s favorite character worn by them) kickstart the buzz of the environment. A Comic-Con tradition long honored by fans and their loved ones, cosplaying has become an art, with hundreds of fans spending a lot of time working laboriously on their costumes, sometimes beginning many months in advance. (Tip: Keep in mind that any props used will be checked at the entrance. It is advised that despite the organization’s flexibility that the cosplays be appropriate for the event. For more information, see Prop Rules on their website). 

Vendors and Kiosks: 

The next aspect involves the exhibitions of vendors from all over the Island. Many of these are up and coming local artists or small businesses searching for a larger demographic of customers within this bustling crowd. While some artists and vendors sell their pop culture related work, other artists and entrepreneurs stray far from those themes and simply seize the day by using this great platform to snatch all the opportunities. The prices will vary according to the kiosk, so it all depends on what they’re looking for in products to consume. 

Quick Tip

All forms of paying methods are accepted but it depends on the vendor. However, due to the unstable internet connection that affected some areas in the event last year, it is recommended that fans bring extra cash in case the system is compromised and does not allow for credit and debit cards or digital payment such as ATH Móvil or Venmo. 

Let’s Not Forget Sponsors:

A good entertainment event cannot come to fruition without attributing some of their success to the sponsors that are willing to invest in their initiative. 

Some of the sponsors are the following: Fanta, Atlantic University College, Monster Energy, Liberty, Pringles, Burger King, Malta India, among others. Main collaborators who help make geek dreams come true are CosplayPR (CosplayPR Instagram) and Otaku Shop (Otaku Shop Instagram). Pan Pepín, a famous Puerto Rican bread company, is considered an important patron of the Convention Center, which offers a range of meals with varying prices that can be found in its own fast food section at the far back of the site.  

Special Guests and Conferences:

To add to all of the excitement, Comic-Con brings in special guests from some of the year’s most watched and beloved movies and television/streaming series. At additional prices, fans have the chance for special interaction with their favorite celebrities with photo opportunities and autographs (prices may vary per guest). The line-up is initially announced two months in advance, adding more guests to the list every three weeks or so. Due to the hectic and busy itinerary of these figures, the line-up is subject to change. Fortunately, this year fans can enjoy all of the special guests activities that were named previously plus the Q&A panels that were not available during last year’s event. 

 Don’t Wait! Tickets Are Still Available!

This is one of the most anticipated activities of the year. With a package of fun waiting for fans around and outside of the Island, Comic-Con offers every bit of the pop culture zeitgeist and so much more. Get your tickets for the upcoming Comic-Con from April 7th-9th here. Come to the weekend where everyone can enjoy and fraternize over their love for films, television, comics and video games. 

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