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Rainy Day Activities with Kids: Unforgettable Indoor Fun.

Looking for fun activities in Puerto Rico on rainy days? Explore our list of unique indoor activities that will keep your kids entertained!

Indoor Adventures: Rainy Day Fun with Kids in Puerto Rico

Hey there! Rainy day in Puerto Rico with kids? No problem at all! We've got you covered. Don't let the rain put a damper on your fun. We've gathered a collection of awesome indoor activities that will turn those rainy days into exciting adventures. Get ready to create some fantastic memories with your little ones!

Go To The Movies

When raindrops start hitting the window and outdoor plans are canceled, there's a silver lining - it's the perfect day to go to the movies with your kids!

Nothing beats the excitement of watching a new film on the big screen, munching on popcorn, and savoring a soda. I

t's more than a cozy escape from the rain; it's a memorable experience shared with your little ones, making rainy days something to look forward to.

Caribbean Cinemas, Caguas

Picture this - a place where movies and fun unite, especially for kids! You can find such an experience in the Caribbean Cinemas! Their program, called "Cine Kids" provides the kiddos with awesome movies! For those 10 and under, there is a super fun play area!

Imagine sliding down a huge 20-foot slide or exploring different obstacle areas - all of this excitement begins half an hour before the movie starts!

And don't worry, even the little ones under two years old have a separate, special playground just for them. However, parents do remember to keep a watchful eye for safety.

Here's the best part - the "Cine Kids" schedule matches up with the regular movie timings. This means while adults enjoy their film, kids have their own little cinema world featuring a fresh movie every week. Sounds fun, doesn't it?


Caribbean Cinemas - Las Catalinas


Tickets for:

  • Children - $7
  • Adults - $8.75
  • Seniors - $5.50


Caribbean Cinemas

Hit Up A Trampoline Park

Can't figure out where to take the kids to let off some steam? Look no further! Trampoline parks all over the place are here to save your day!

Bounce Trampoline Park, Carolina

One of these super fun spots is called Bounce Trampoline Park, and it's in Carolina.Only $19 for two full hours of jumping fun, can you believe it?

And for just $2 more, you can get special socks that you can use again next time.

The best part? Bounce Trampoline Park is super easy to find! It's right near the metro area. They've got a whole bunch of fun games like dodgeball, basketball, and volleyball. Plus, they have tons of trampolines for free play and cool stunts.


Bounce Trampoline Park


Bounce Trampoline Park


  • Two Hours (Full Jumping) - $19

Visit an Indoor Amusement Park

Ever wanted to experience exhilarating fun regardless of the weather outside? An Indoor Amusement Park is your ticket to year-round adventure, giving you a slice of joy and excitement under one roof.

Viking Arena, San Juan

Ready for another fun-packed spot? The Viking Arena is open and waiting for you to embark on a fun adventure!

The Viking Arena is more than just a playground, it's an indoor amusement park! It's got slides, obstacle courses, and even a ropes course. There's also a fun axe throwing area, bouncy areas, and ball pits.

The littlest kiddos have their own special place to play, safe and sound. Hungry or need a break? No worries! There's a restaurant and lounge right there, so you can grab a bite while the kids have fun or take a well-deserved rest. Sounds amazing, right?


Viking Arena


Viking Arena PR


For ages 6 months to 3 years old:

  • $14 for one hour and $18 for two hours

General entry:

  • $16.75 for 1 hour and $22.50 for two hours.

Premium pricing for:

  • Ropes course and select activities. Refer to the website for details.

Go Mall Shopping

On those rainy days when outdoor play isn't an option, mall shopping can turn into a fantastic family adventure.

Imagine this: you and your kids exploring a universe of shops, discovering new toys, clothes, and games, followed by a tasty treat at their favorite food court spot. It is a whole day of discovery and fun, rain or shine!

Canóvanas Outlet Mall, Canóvanas

Imagine a place where you've got ropes courses, obstacles to conquer, an arcade filled with 160 games, a bowling alley, and even indoor go-kart and drag racing tracks. Yes, all of this under one roof, and it's inside a mall!

Best part? It doesn't cost you a thing to walk into this fun-filled mall. If you're up for trying out the different activities, you'll want to chat with the folks running each one to get the details on prices and times.

So next time the weather's gloomy, remember you've got a whole world of fun waiting for you at the mall! Sounds like a good plan!


Canóvanas Mall


Outlet Mall 66

Work Hours

  • Monday through Saturday - 9am to 8pm
  • Sunday - 11am to 7pm.

Explore a Children’s Museum

Got a rainy day with kids bouncing off the walls? Try this: head over to a Children's Museum for a day of discovery and fun. Here, their curious minds can delve into the wonders of art, science, and history in an interactive, kid-friendly environment. It's a rainy day rescue that's both fun and educational - a win-win for everyone!

Children's Museum of Carolina

Guess what? There's a museum that's not just about looking at stuff behind glass. It's a place where kids can actually get their hands busy and learn some cool things.

Inside and outside, there are all sorts of things kids of all ages can touch and play with. But it's not just about what's inside the museum, the outdoors is full of fun too! They even have a small zoo and a lake where you can go boating.

Still not enough? How about go-karts and places to run around and play? And inside, there are even more fun things to do. Your kids will be so busy, they'll forget to ask "Are we done yet?"

So if you're looking for some fun on a rainy day, this museum's got you covered.


Museo del Niño de Carolina


Children''s Museum of Carolina


Ages 1-4:

  • $6

Ages 15-59:

  • $10,

Ages 60-74:

  • $5

Free for those over 75.

Work Hours

  • Friday to Sunday - 9am to 5pm

Play Bowling

There's a surefire way to keep the good times rolling - Bowling! It's more than just a game; it's a chance to teach your little ones about patience, precision, and friendly competition.

Imagine their faces lighting up as they knock down their first set of pins. Rain or shine, bowling is an engaging activity that guarantees a fun-filled family day.

Cupey Bowling & Entertainment Center, San Juan

Ever thought of bowling inside a mall? Well, at Cupey Professional Mall, you can!

There's a whole bowling center tucked inside, just waiting for you. But remember, you need to make an appointment first. Once you're there, you'll see it's not just about bowling. They've got 24 lanes, so there's plenty of room.

Hungry after all that bowling? No worries! There's a cafeteria right there. Or if you're in the mood for some fun, they have a sports bar, a games room, and even pool tables.

Keep an eye on their website too. They often have specials and discounts, and who doesn't love a good deal, right?


Cupey Bowling & Entertaiment Center


Cupey Bowling


  • $35 per person, per hour of bowling.
  • Shoe rental - $4 per person

Work Hours

  • Monday to Thursday - 1pm to 11pm
  • Friday to Sunday - 11am to 11pm

Go To A Café

787 Coffee, San Juan

There's this cozy little cafe that's just perfect for those rainy days.

Filled with tables and loads of board games, it's the perfect place to sip a warm hot chocolate and enjoy some friendly game competition with your little ones.

Need to get some work done whilst your kids are busy playing? Don't worry! You can check things off your to-do list while the kids have a blast.

The cherry on top? They have swings in the windows! Imagine sitting on a swing, enjoying your drink.


787 Coffee


787 Coffee

Work Hours

  • Monday to Saturday - 7am to 6:45pm
  • Sunday - 8am to 6pm.

Visit A Bookstore

The Bookmark, San Juan

The Bookmark has got everything from kiddie tales to young adult novels and even graphic novels, all in both Spanish and English!

It's a magical place where your kids can lose themselves in a world of stories, while you browse through a variety of genres. And the best part? If you or your little ones get hungry from all that reading, there's a cozy café inside the bookstore.

They serve up light meals and tasty pastries. For the grown-ups, they've even got beer!

Don't forget, they also have a twin bookstore at the San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo. Two perfect spots for a cozy, book-filled rainy day.


The Bookmark


The Bookmark

Work Hours

  • Monday to Saturday - 9am to 7pm
  • Sundays - 11am to 6pm

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