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Valentine's Day Upgraded: Your Ultimate Date Night in the City

Ready to take your Valentine's Day from "been there, done that" to "wow, that was epic"? Forget the cliché candlelit dinner and movie; and elevate your date night

Ready to take your Valentine's Day from "been there, done that" to "wow, that was epic"? Forget the cliché candlelit dinner and movie; it's time to elevate your date night game in the city. From the cozy corners of Bar La Unidad to the starlit romance at Kumo Rooftop, here's how you can turn this Valentine's Day into an adventure that's as fun and unique as your own love story.

Bar La Unidad

Start your evening off at Bar La Unidad, tucked away in the lively core of San Juan. This cozy retreat is the perfect launchpad for your night, wrapping you in a warm, welcoming vibe right from the get-go. Here, the cocktails are nothing short of stellar, and the food? Absolutely mouthwatering. If you're aiming to wow your date this Valentine's Day, this is your go-to spot. But a word to the wise – it's a favorite haunt on the 14th, so locking in a reservation is crucial. Ready to secure your table? Click here to make a reservation. 

La Disquera

Then, head over to La Disquera. This spot is a triple treat – you can dine, drink, and dance all in one go! Nestled in Santurce, this restaurant/bar brings an Asian-inspired menu to your table, alongside a diverse selection of cocktails and spirits to elevate your experience. It's a place you and your partner will surely love and recommend after your visit. For priority reservations and to ensure a table is ready for you, be sure to send an email to special@ladisquera.com. 

Don't miss out on this unique blend of flavors and fun!

Bar Tabú (Calle Loiza)

Situated in the vibrant Calle Loiza, Bar Tabú stands out as a thrilling culinary destination. Renowned for its exquisite menu, Tabú Exótica Bodega elevates fine dining with a fusion of modern American dishes and exotic flavors. Complement your meal with unique cocktails in an ambiance that captivates and intrigues, making each visit an unforgettable adventure.
Click here to book a table.


Discover another gem in Santurce – PROLE Cocina & Barra. Nestled on Calle Cerra, this modern eatery offers a harmonious blend of international flavors, crafted with the freshest, high-quality ingredients. Chef José Esteban Rivero doesn't just create dishes that delight your taste buds; he ensures they're a feast for the eyes too. With a menu that includes tantalizing vegan options, there's something for everyone. Ready to embark on this culinary journey? Click here to reserve your table, and don't forget to explore their Instagram here for a sneak peek!

Canon Club 

And another one on our list is the enchanting Cannon Club, your go-to for a Valentine's Day drenched in charm and sophistication. Imagine you and your love nestled under the warm light of Venetian chandeliers, with the melody of Steinway pianos weaving through the air, setting a romantic rhythm for the night. It's more than a night out; it's a foray into a world where elegance meets love, right at the heart of The Gallery Inn. Unravel the evening with an exquisite spread of tapas and handcrafted cocktails, each flavor celebrating your unique journey together. The Cannon Club is where love stories are sprinkled with a touch of grace. Feeling the vibe? Click here to reserve your spot and make your Valentine's tale one for the books.

There you have it, here's your guide to our top picks for making this Valentine's Day memorable for you and your partner. Make sure to check their websites for any exclusive deals and remember to book your table in advance to secure your spot.

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