Where to Buy Local Produce in Puerto Rico

Support the local economy with our list of places to buy fresh produce in Puerto Rico.

Did you know that only 15% of the food consumed in Puerto Rico is from local sources? That means that Puerto Rico currently imports 85% of its food! 

There is a growing effort to increase local food production on the island, and you can find many products at farmer’s markets, individual food stands and through produce delivery options. Support the local economy by checking out the options below for buying food grown here in Puerto Rico!

Option 1: Ordering Fresh Produce For Delivery

You can order local produce online through a range of different websites. This way you get fresh produce delivered home to your doorstep without any hassles. Some options include: 

  • Frutos Del Guacabo: You can email them at frutosdelguacabo@gmail.com to set up an ordering account. After that you get a link to their store with all available products that week, order online, and they deliver later that same week. 
  • PRoduce!: This one is super simple to order local produce since they have a mobile app you can order from. Just pick the items you want and order them for delivery to your doorstep. You have everything from fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, eggs and dairy, snacks and bread, beauty and health products, and other gifting items. 
  • Estancia Santa Rita: They can be contacted via What’s App on 7876425902. They will deliver produce from Rincon to Dorado. They may not go all the way to San Juan but it’s best to check with them on whatsapp.
  • Local Produce PR: Go on their Facebook page and send them a message with all the items you’re looking for. You should be able to place an order via their facebook page. 

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Option 2: Visit A Farmers Market

A farmers market is a classic way to buy local produce. There’s a bunch of them around Puerto Rico, and you can check out the following: 

  • Plaza Del Mercado De Santurce: This is probably Puerto Rico’s most famous farmers market. It’s a market during the day and a fun place during the night, known as La Placita. It’s a great place to spend some time on Thursday and Friday nights to eat, drink, and dance. In general, Santurce is known for its art galleries and street art, and this market is a part of that artsy charm. 
  • Santurce Farmer’s Market: Here you’ll get fresh produce from local farmers, fishers, and other small agricultural businesses. This farmers market is part of the local food producer network which was formed to support sustainable food systems in the face of natural disasters. By buying from them you’d be supporting the relief efforts for Hurricane Maria and helping grow the network. It’s held on the fourth Saturday of every month at the Miramar Food Truck Park.
  • Mercado Viejo San Juan: This farmers market in Old San Juan is open between 8am and 12pm on every Saturday. Follow their instagram page for more information! 
  • Plaza Del Mercado De Río Piedras: This is a great market that’s spread across a couple of blocks in Río Piedras. People can buy souvenirs, fruits, meats and other natural products. There’s also a cafeteria where people can sit, buy food and eat! 
  • Aguadilla Farmers Market: This market has a large array of tents and booths, selling everything from local fruits and vegetables, artisan coffee, beans and jams. You can also enjoy made-to-order meals. The market is open every Saturday between 8am and 12pm.
  • Arecibo Flea Market: This is the largest flea market in Puerto Rico. It’s been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on facebook, which is a positive sign. Something else to see around this part of town is the Cueva Del Indio, which is one of Puerto Rico’s magical caves.
  • Mega Pulguero De Guayanilla: This is a large flea market and is held in the southern town of Guayanilla. You can buy clothing and accessories, as well as food. This market is visible from a highway, and there’s also a children’s play castle in the vicinity. 

As you can see there are plenty of options for you to buy local produce in Puerto Rico. If you want to be healthy and socially responsible, we highly recommend buying from local sources to support the economy as much as possible. 

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